Season 3 Finale

All we could do is sit there in shock. I guess what shocks me the most is that the episode prior to the season finale was more of a shock and insult than the actual finale. So we end the season with snow getting show 3 times with arrows from his girlfriend… Whom I will venture to state, is a dumb bitch. I believe that he will survive, hopefully she will not. 
Sam brings his what I believe soon to be wife back to the knights watch. This is important because the knights watch are not supposed to have sex. Luckily for him that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s looking pretty awesome for him. He explains that he has killed one of those North of the Wall and that the wars going on will be nothing compared to this fight as these warriors aren’t selective rather will kill all who stand in their way. 

Sam sits down and writes a letter to those in the seven Kingdoms. One of which is a kingdom that ends up sparing the life of the General that saved the young boys life from being sacrificed for the “dark lord.” The show was pretty intense. The young Prince is trying to go over the wall not knowing that isn’t where they should be heading. 
The young female stark kills for the first time. She is getting the taste out for blood and stabs a man several times in the neck allowing him to bleed out. Something about her being weak in the sight of blood got her thinking. This youngin is going to make things happen and I can’t wait for the next season to see what that is. 
We also end with the Lannister’s. The young King is going over his head, especially to his grandfather, whom is the war lord of the seven kingdoms and willing to do what is necessary to keep that that. Tyrione sits across from him staring at him like finally something is seen that I have been staring at all this time. 
Lastly, the incest siblings re-unite with one another. He comes in and just stares at her. She looks up at him as if everything that has meaning came rushing back to her.

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