Who wins Game of Thrones?

So this post aims to answer the age old question, who will win the fight over the Westeros? No, I have not seen the future, nor have I read through all the books. Rather, I have used my knowledge of the writer and the context of the storyline to try to give my opinion on the subject matter. If you agree, feel free to comment and voice yourself.

So as I was stating in my last post, everyone in the show and the story is expendable… well almost everyone. I will further point out very important points I stated in the last post. George R.R. Martin has lived almost a manastic life, socially and sexually repressed. He has lived within his imagination, gaining more and more knowledge and detail along the way. He is a fantasy nerd who built his life in a fantasy world, learning important skills along the way.

This doesn’t help the fact that I believe he is incredibly predictable. Does he try to hide it? I’m not sure, but to me it’s extremely obvious, or so I think. So here it is. There is only one logical ending to this book, series, and show. Calisi, without a doubt in my mind, will win the game of thrones and the fight for the thrown to Westeros. If you dive into everything in the mans past, while closely watching the importance of Calisi, her struggles, her toughness, her delicateness, her power, her youth, and her beauty; one can easy conclude that no one stands a chance against Calisi.

Calisi was re-born through the ashes of a fire, like a pheonix. She is naked, young, and now strong. She has built up her strength and has even become a god to some. She is seductive and beautiful, she commands dragons, and an army that feels no pain and will do for her what she asks without a thought in mind. She is able to manipulate those closest and furthest away from her. It is without a doubt that Calisi is victorious in this game of thrones.

It is also important to state that what we are watching is George’s fantasy.

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